Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Writing for Virily - First Impressions

My latest discovery in a long line of Bubblews-type sites is Virily. The format is slightly different though as there are several different categories in which one can post:
  • Story - mix of text, images and embeds
  • Personality quiz
  • Trivia quiz
  • Open list - others can add items and vote for their favourites
  • Ranked list - others can vote for their favourites
  • List - a list-based article
  • Gallery - a collection of images
  • Embed content - YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter statuses etc
  • Image - photo or GIF.

Virils (points) are earned in a variety of ways, starting with 10 virils for creating an account and a further 10 for logging in each day. In addition you will be rewarded for each item you publish (rates vary by submission type), views and comments your post receives, reading and commenting on other members' posts and referring visitors and new members.

Until recently Virily was also paying members to follow each other but this method of earning has been stopped, apparently temporarily. I believe it should be abandoned permanently as it's open to abuse. Many members will simply follow everyone they encounter on the site regardless of whether their work interests them. A lot won't ever bother to read even one post by most of the people they follow.

The Viril doesn't have a fixed value. The value is calculated on a daily basis based on the previous day's income. At time of writing I have earned 857 virils which converts to $0.74, meaning that I need approximately 12 virils to earn one cent. Some days are better than others though.

Everything you submit to Virily has to be approved before it is published on the site. Once it has been published a post can't be edited unless you ask support to correct it for you or have them return the post to draft. This should prevent plagiarised content and "junk" posts from being published but, as has been the case with many similar sites, I'm a bit concerned about the possible unauthorised use of copyrighted photos. For my first post I used a photo from Wikimedia commons, being careful to include the required attribution, but when my post was published the attribution had been removed. Under the circumstances I will only be using my own photos for the foreseeable future.

Virily uses two methods of payment, PayPal ($10 minimum) and bank transfers ($100 minimum). I haven't yet heard of anyone being paid but will post an update when I hear any news, positive or negative.

Right now I'm finding I spend a lot of time at Virily for very meagre reward but that may change as the site gets busier.

Will I continue posting there for long enough to get paid? I don't know. I can't help feeling that my time is better spent at sites like Postloop and ForumCoin.

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