Monday, 20 February 2017

Welcome to my blog

Hi. My name is Gina and I'm a wannabe internet millionaire. Well maybe not. I don't believe that making millions will make me happier. All I really want is to earn enough to live in comfort without having to go out and work at something I hate.

I've been trying to earn money online for almost as long as my computer has been connected to the internet. Some of my efforts have been more successful than others, but to date I've had no major successes. I've had my fair share of failures though.

This blog isn't only for South Africans. I merely chose to tag it "A South African Perspective" because many popular earning opportunities aren't available to people from my country. However a lot of other so-called "international" users all over the world find themselves in the same situation. If you don't come from the USA, the UK or possibly Canada, many sites aren't the least bit interested in you.

To complicate matters many of the popular sites will allow you to pay them a visit, read their terms of service and privacy policy and even commence the sign-up process without ever once making you aware that you're persona non grata. One site I wanted to join went as far as allowing me to create an account but then gave me obscure error messages every time I tried to log in. It was only when I contacted their support to find out what I was doing wrong that the truth was revealed.

Despite the name I chose for this blog, I'll be discussing my good experiences as well as my bad ones. I'll recommend a few sites along the way - sites at which you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Some will pay well, others less so. But barring some miraculous future discovery, you won't find me recommending any get-rich-quick schemes. I firmly believe that if it seems too good to be true, it's almost certainly a scam.

Wherever possible I'll write from personal experience, but I always try to research a site before I sign up for something new, so I'll pass on some of that research too. And if what I find out is really bad, I'm not likely to sign up to a site with a bad reputation just to confirm that its reputation is justified. Instead I may decide to pass on some of the details which were responsible for my decision not to join a particular site.

I hope I'll be able to provide you with some useful information in the days to come. Maybe I'll even help you to find some sites which work better for you than they do for me. But if I can prevent you wasting your time on a dud site, I guess I'll be providing a worthwhile service.